The HANKE Gesellschaft für Gießerei-Kooperation mbH (HANKE ggk) is spezialized on the production of precision-aluminium die casting parts for the automobile industry. In 1993 the company was established by the managing director Siegfried Hanke. The current number of persons employed is 50.

The casting company is delivering steering and gear shift castings for international leading automobile manufacturer. The process is highly flexible and extensive automated. The investment quote is at 26 percent and constantly protects the necessary increase in capacity – particularly  for  big volumes – at best manufacturing costs and steady high quality. PPM = 0 is not a dream!

HANKE ggk is working refering a comprehensive quality management system, that is certified according DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. During the whole production run a permanent process inspection does happen. From the careful choice of the operation material over the scores of  in-process inspections up to the final inspection it is ensured that every product leaves the organisation only as vouched HANKE Quality Casting.
As a result of a longtime successfully cooperation and delivery connection to world wide leading automobile manufacturer HANKE ggk is commanding over substantial knowledge concerning the country-specific customer requirement amongst others in Japan, Great Britain, France, Brazil, Poland and Slovakia.

Basic requirement for the market success  is the HANKE-Network – an international association of medium-sized enterprises. In a project-oriented  pan-European organization 500  designer, tooling manufacturer and automation engineers from 15 partner companies in Germany, Sweden and Denmark using their expertise for complex solutions at Design, Engineering, Prototyping, Tooling manufacturing, Aluminium Die Casting and Process automation.

HANKE ggk is an original member at Automotive-Cluster Ostdeutschland (ACOD) and at the network initiative automotive Berlin-Brandenburg. Managing Director Siegfried Hanke associates to the  ACOD-Cluster-Board  since 2004.

HANKE ggk is a member at Automotive-Cluster Ostdeutschland (ACOD) and at automotive Berlin-Brandenburg.

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